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What We Ganna Do Wi' The Wuhan Flu by Charlie Chomse

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What wu ganna do? What wu ganna do?
What wu ganna do with the Wuhan Flu?
Everybody's doomed, 'cept me & you
So what wu ganna do with the Wuhan Flu?
Wor lass has got a cough, she's tekken t've hor bed
I'm not se grand mesel, so I'm sittin' in me shed
I'm self-isolatin' 'cos I'm feelin' vary frail
Wiv a vegan steak bake & a crate of Brown Ale


Spoken: (Tha's ownly one thing we can do really...)
So batten doon the hatches, move ya bed downstairs,
There's not a penny left in ya stocks & shares.
Or run screamin' doon the street wiv ya hands in the air
And spend the kid's inheritance like yu' just don't care!


Spoken: (I'll tell you what I did...)
I said to the gaffer, ye knaa this cough,
It's spreadin' like the plague & I need a week off!
'Cos I shook the hand of a lad wheez mother,
Took the bus t' Blaydon wiv me best friends brother!


Spoken: (I'll tell you what we'll do...)
Wash yor hands, sing happy borthda' twice,
Or count Boris Johnson's kids, that worrks just as nice.
And if ye' get infected ah suggest that yu' try
To stick ya' head between your legs
And kiss yar arse goodbye!


What We Ganna Do Wi' The Wuhan Flu

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Wuhan Flu

Wuhan Flu image

My spotlight was, as is usual with me, a bit of a sermon. My address to the dearly beloved of the tynefolk Zoom session was about how we should, somehow, find a way to record the songs we sing & post them on a public forum. My view is that there has never been a better time to find, listen & learn a song. My song - What Wu Ganna Do - was posted on the Bridge YouTube & Facebook & various other sites. By the good luck of timing it was viewed over 100,000 times.

Just so people know, I wrote & performed the song before the WHO banned the use of the term 'Wuhan Flu' to describe what came to be called Covid19

Charlie Chomse